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Super Crayons

These items can be purchased online at The CANShop at Etsy OR by contacting

Each crayon set, $10

Dinosaur Crayons

Pretty Posy Crayons

Testimonial from an enthusiastic customer:

These crayons are examples of goodness on so many levels - recycling, re-purposing, creativity, work, skill development - these crayons are wonderful gifts - and so is all the work that goes into them.  Thanks!

Zoo Animal Crayons

four seasons black background.jpg

Four Seasons Crayons

cars n trucks black background.jpg
backyard bug large crayons.JPG

Backyard Bug Crayons

Cars 'n Trucks Crayons

Sarah crayons 2 20.jpeg

See our group making crayons!  Click on this photo to watch an NCTV17 news story about Community Access Naperville.  Our segment starts at 2:25.

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